Angels Around Us Committee

Want to Help Families in AZ?

People always ask how they can help the Pearce Family Foundation, and my typical response is that we need help at events-so to volunteer would help. Today though, we have a new request, we need more people to sit on our Angels Around Us committee.

What is the Angels Around Us Committee?

Well, this is a group of a variety of people who look over the applications we receive from Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Banner Cardon Children’s Hospital and word of mouth of people needing help.

What does it mean to be on this Committee?

Honestly, not a lot. Whenever the foundation receives an application we send it to the committee and between those people they decide who will contact the family to find out what is going on. The Pearce Family Foundation receives on average about 8 applications a month, so it will take an hour out of your day maybe a week.

Is it Hard?

No, but it can be emotional hearing what these families are going through and that PFF cannot always help every time. You will read about families like yours and mine who have no where else to turn and if we don’t help or another nonprofit assist they might be on the streets. BUT don’t worry we always figure out a way to get them back on track.



  • Have a computer and an email
  • Work in a field that you understand medical conditions or in finance
  • Believe in PFF
  • Want to be a part of the decision making on who we assist
  • Can call families and ask questions on how they are in a hard financial state
  • Be available to the Pearce Family Foundation if we have questions


If you are interested and want to help us continue to make a difference please email Meghan at