We Have a BLOG!


Hello, Hi, Hola, Welcome…PFF has a blog!! After going through a few websites the foundation has finally decided to document all of the fun, different, unique, and special things we do here at the Pearce Family Foundation. Time to time we might have a guest writer- say one of our families we have helped or a special donor but most likely it will be from CEO & Founder Meghan Alfonso.








Wow isn’t it amazing how fast time goes by. When we were younger we wished time would hurry up and that we would be 16 so we could drive or that we would turn 18 so we could go to college. Then it was I cannot wait until I am 21…and now it is like, “wait it’s my birthday again or Christmas is less than a month away”. Time… it is something we can never get back but is monumental in decision making. I have been the CEO of the Pearce Family Foundation (PFF) for over 1,600 days and it feels like just yesterday when I got the guts to start a nonprofit. That day in July of 2013 the timing could not have been more perfect. I was jobless, could barely make my $1,000 rent, and was lost. I had worked at other nonprofits and after being beaten down too many times I just up and quit a job I thought I was going to be at until I was old and gray.

Thankfully I swallowed my fear and followed my dreams of being my own boss. Living on my own time and not letting others tell me what I had to do and what my weekend plans were is something I hope to never loose. I will tell you that I work harder and longer hours now than I ever did before, but I am the happiest I have ever been.

This will be a place to voice my opinion on events throughout Scottsdale and Phoenix as well as to give an inside look on what goes on at PFF. We are a grassroots nonprofit that believes in being the “life savers” behind the curtains. We are not saving cancer or doing any research but we are keeping families at their home and hopefully out of the hospital. The families we help sometimes do not have “time” on their side and needs someone to step in…which is where we come in

Welcome and I hope you enjoy,



PFF Angel