The Pearce Family Foundation (PFF) created “Angel Pups Around Us” to financially support children who are in need of a service dog. PFF will grant a portion (at least $1,500) of the funds needed to families that have a child (ages 5-17) who will benefit from the assistance of a service dog for medical reasons. Each grant is limited to one payment.

To qualify for the “Angel Pups” grant program each family must:

  1. Live in Arizona and work with a “local” organization who trains and provides a service dog.
  2. Must secure at least 75% of the funding goal at the time of the application.
  3. Submit an application anytime each quarter (March, June, September, December)
  4. Apply only once a calendar year.

Applications are reviewed at the end of each quarter. Applicants submitting applications between grant cycles will be put on a “wait list” and be reviewed by committee in the next grant cycle. Please do not contact PFF to check on the status of your application, PFF will contact you. Once a family is selected to receive an “Angel Pups” award, PFF will hold the funds until the final payment is needed. If the family does not meet the goals by the end of the year, PFF will award the grant to another family.

All applications are kept confidential, but the applicant grants PFF permission to share pertinent medical information on the specific reason a service dog is needed in its materials about applicants and grantees.

PFF will not host individual events or fundraisers for a prospective “Angel Pups” family. It is the responsibility of the grantee’s family to raise the majority of the funds to pay for your child’s service dog. PFF’s grant is intended to be a final push to help families secure its service dog. PPF cannot meet every request, but we wish each family “good luck” in the efforts and we thank you for your interest in Angels Pups Around Us.

-The Pearce Family Foundation